Ithaca Myth is a companion space for a discussion series being offered in Ithaca, New York about the Power of Myth, a book and video by Joseph Campbell and the ideas they represented. The series was not intended to be an uncritical acceptance of Campbell’s assertions about the meaning of mythology, but rather, a responsible reaction to them, full of questioning and consideration of the relevance of mythological thinking to our present day lives.

The discussions took place in person, but can also continue here. One of Joseph Campbell’s most important ideas is that a mythology that is alive must have relevance to the way that people actually live. Today, in our society, a significant part of people’s lives take place on the Internet. A mythology that fails to address that online part of our lives is incomplete. This discussion of mythology extends into the online world so that we have additional time to share ideas with a depth that is not possible in brief in-person gatherings, but also so that we can engage with the realm of mythological experience as it exists, relatively unexplored, in the online sphere.

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