Is Santa A Shaman?

This weekend’s mythological discussion (9:00 AM in the Arch Room of the First Unitarian Society of Ithaca at the corners of Buffalo and Aurora street) will be the first of December, the month of Solstice, of Yule, of Christmas – all holidays that to some extent claim Santa Claus.

shamanic journey of winter solsticeBut who is this Santa Claus, really? After all, Coca-Cola also claims Santa Claus, so what can Santa really mean?

Some say that Santa Claus is a remnant mythological image derived from an ancient shamanistic tradition that stretched through the reindeer peoples of the far north, from Siberia over to Scandinavia.

Here are some sources that make that argument. If you’re curious, have a read through them. It may be the beginning of a long, interesting midwinter trip.

Santa’s Many Faces: Shaman, Sailor, Saint

Santa the Shaman… originally covered in fur

The Siberian Shamanism origins of Santa Claus

The Fundamentalist War On Santa The Psychedelic Shaman

Amanita muscaria and Santa


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