More Graphic Talk At This Week’s Mythological Discussion

After the end of last weekend’s mythological discussion group, one of the people participating commented to me that language seems to be an obstacle to contemplation of the realm of mythos. I’ve been thinking about this issue for several days, but it was only last night that I came upon a relevant passage in the book version of The Power of Myth, which contains some parts of the Moyers-Campbell conversation that were edited out of the video version that we’re watching.

whirlpoolIn the passage I found, which is within the larger segment we’ll be watching this coming Sunday morning, Bill Moyers observes, “It seems to me that we have lost the art in our society of thinking in images.”

Joseph Campbell then agrees, and states, “Our thinking is largely discursive, verbal, linear. There is more reality in an image than in a word.”

Is our discussion of mythology too linguistic? This coming week, we’ll try something new. We’ll talk, but we will first, literally draw upon the power of the symbolic, visual way of thinking. Before we discuss our opinions, we’ll get graphic by manipulating our visual impressions of the ideas discussed by Moyers and Campbell. We’ll reflect, then, upon the difference between using words and imagery to experience and contemplate mythological themes.


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