What is Mythology? Is It All Heroes?

At this week’s in-person mythology discussion (9:00 Sunday November 27 in the Arch Room at the First Unitarian Society of Ithaca on the corner of Buffalo and Aurora streets), we’ll be looking at the 2nd half of The Hero’s Journey, the first part of The Power of Myth. Last week, people discussed the kinds of heroes we can find in our own time, but some of our participants were skeptical of the prominence given to heroes in the understanding of mythology.

Is mythology nothing more than stories about heroes? What other manifestations of mythology exist… and what is mythology anyway?

Here’s some of the definitions of mythology we heard from our group last week:

– stories that we tell ourselves about the world around us

– something that’s believed with a non-scientific basis

– dreamscapes set up to give people hope, with ulterior motives, in some cases.

– metaphors

– We don’t them of them as myths. We think of them as true. What do you think is true? That’s your myth.



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